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At Outdoor Concepts Landscape we believe that proactive landscape maintenance and grounds management preserves your investment and adds value to your home. We provide weekly, monthly, or as needed services to maintain your landscape.

You can choose from the following services:

Spring Clean Up

  Remove leaves, sticks, and debris from lawn and bed areas
  Repair lawn areas damaged by winter snow mold or snowplows
  Apply pre-emergent weed control and nursery fertilizer to planting beds
  Prune plant material
  Hand edge planting beds
  Mulch planting beds

Lawn Care

  Effective and environmentally sensitive fertilizer programs

Lawn Aeration

  Mechanically removes small plugs of thatch and soil to improve growing conditions

Irrigation Systems

  Installation and service

Grounds Maintenance

  Lawn mowing
  Bed care — weeding, deadheading perennials
  Plant care — pruning and/or shearing shrubs, fertilization
  Edging curbs and walks and beds

Fall Clean Up

  Remove leaves and debris from bed and lawn areas
  Cut back and remove dead foliage from perennials in beds
  Transplant and divide perennials
  Mulch and wrap winter sensitive plants
  Apply deer and rodent repellants

Contact us today and let us take care of your investment, so you can relax and enjoy it.